Poster Session

Group 1: Visual and Spatial Processing

Arash Yazdanbakhsh, Celia Gagliardi
       Three-Dimensional Visuospatial Memory in Humans

Arash Yazdanbakhsh, Celia Gagliardi
       Memory of Self-Position within a Virtual 3-Dimensional Visual Environment

Arash Yazdanbakhsh, Celia Gagliardi
       Eye Gaze Position and Percept Switching of Structure-from-Motion Cylinder

Arash Yazdanbakhsh, Chia-Chien Wu, Veena Dali, Celia Gagliardi, Oliver Varthelemy, Bo Cao, Marc Pomplun, Alice Cronin-Golomb, Gennady Livitz, Guillaume Riesen, Ennio Mingolla
       Involuntary Saccadic Control in Parkinson's Disease

Harald Ruda, Gennady Livitz, Guillaume Riesen, Ennio Mingolla
       Computational Modeling of Depth-Ordering in Occlusion through Accretion or            Deletion of Texture

Group 2: Auditory Perception, Speech and Language

Sophie Schwartz, Le Wang, Barbara Shinn-Cunningham
       Preattentive ERP Response to Interrogative and Declarative Prosodic Cues

Gabriela Andrejkova, Virginia Best, Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, Norbert Kopco
       Influence of Streaming on Sound Localization with a Preceding Distractor

Abigail Noyce, Barbara Shinn-Cunningham, David C. Somers
       Sensory Bias and Working-Memory Recruitment Are Multiplexed In Human                  Frontal Cortex

Lubos Hladek, Nobert Kopco, Aaron Seitz
       Learning of Intensity and Reverberation Cues for Auditory Distance Perception in        Rooms

Alessandro Tavano, Erich Schroger, Maess Burkhard
       Predictions in the Primary Auditory Cortex

Emir Turkes, Elisa Golfinopoulos, Frank H. Guenther, Jason A. Tourville
       Investigating Intrinsic Functional Connectivity Within the Speech Production                Network

Christopher Markiewicz, Jason Bohland
       Localizing Categorical Speech Representations in Perception and Production

Terri Scott, Peter Brunner, Gerwin Schalk, Nancy Kanwisher, Evelina Fedorenko
       The Time-Course of Information Processing Within the Language System

Jeffrey Johnson, Swathi Kiran, Kushal Kapse, Kelly Martin, Erin Meier
       Task-Based Reorganization of Function After Rehabilitation in Post-Stroke Aphasia

Sofia Vallila-Rohter, Swathi Kiran
       Neural Activations During Feedback-Based and Paired Associate Probabilistic              Category Learning in Aphasia

Erin Meier, Swathi Kiran, Kushal Kapse
       Effective Connectivity Analysis of Language Networks in Healthy Adults and in              Chronic Aphasia

Group 3:Integrative Data Analysis in Neuroscience

Emma M. Myers, David Feng, Michael J. Hawrylycz, Jason Bohland
       Regional Molecular Homologies Between the Mouse and Human Brain

Sean Tobyne, David Osher, Samantha Michalka, David C. Somers
       The Topography of Sensory-Biased Lateral Frontal Attention Regions in the                  Human Connectome Project

Group 4: Communication Control and Technology

Yu-An Lien, Maia Braden, Cara E. Stepp
       Utilizing Nasal Acceleration for the Assessment of Audible Nasal Emissions

Meredith Cler, Alfonso Nieto-Castanon, Frank H. Guenther, Cara E. Stepp
       Speech Synthesis via Surface Electromyographic Control: Training Effects

Dante Smith, Cara E. Stepp, Frank H. Guenther
       Effects of Attention on Evoked Potentials for Brain-Computer Interface Control

Spencer Torene, Frank H. Guenther, Jason Ritt
       Brain Machine Interface Control Through Neurofeedback Guided Beta Rhythm            Modulation

Group 5: Neuromorphic Engineering

David Moloney, Cormac Brick, Alireza Dehghani, Xiaofan Xu
       Deep-Learning at the Network Edge

Benjamin Shaler, Paul Miller
       Sequence Memory in Attractor Networks 

Sumientra Rampersad,  Vincent Janse, Edwin van Asseldonk, Dick Stegeman
       Evaluating the Effects of Model-Based Optimal Bipolar tDCS Configurations on            Cortical Excitability

Zoran Tiganj, Karthik Shankar, Marc Howard
       A Computational Model of Temporal Receptive Windows

Joseph Schroeder, Vincent Mariano, Gregory Telian, Jason Ritt
       Stimulation of Somatosensory Cortex Locked to Whisker Motions in a Mouse                Model of Active Sensing

Somayeh Shafiei, Ehsan Esfahani
       Evidence on Correlation of Cognitive Workload and Affine Velocity

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