12:00–1:00 Check-in period

Visual Processing                                                   

Chair: Prof. Arash Yazdanbakhsh, BU Psychological & Brain Sciences

1:00–1:40 Sabine Kastner, Princeton University

Neural Network Dynamics for Attentional Selection in the Primate Brain

1:40–2:20 Marisa Carrasco, New York University

Covert Attention and Pre-saccadic Attention: Affect Perception in Static and Dynamic Displays

2:20–3:00 Marc Pomplun, University of Massachusetts Boston

Guidance of Visual Attention by Low- and High-Level Features in Real-World Scenes Pitfalls and Blessings of Neural Computation with Graphic Processing Units (GPUs)

3:00–3:30 Coffee Break

Neuromorphic Engineering: Brains to Machines

Chair: Prof. Max Versace, BU Psychological & Brain Sciences

3:30–4:10 Jennifer Hasler, Georgia Institute of Technology

A Large-Scale Neuromorphic Hardware Systems Roadmap

4:10-5:30 Anatoly Gorshechnikov, Boston University

Pitfalls and Blessings of Neural Computation with Graphic Processing Units (GPUs)

Contributed Posters and Cocktail Reception

Chair: Prof. Vasileios Zikopoulos, BU Health Sciences

5:30–7:30 595 Commonwealth Avenue, Atrium


8:00–9:00 Check-in period

Spatial Processing

Chair: Prof. Anatoly Gorshechnikov, BU Psychological & Brain Sciences

9:00–9:40 Kate Jeffery, University College London

Neural Representation of Complex Space

9:40–10:20 Mayank Mehta, University of California Los Angeles

Hippocampal Motifs and Their Sensory-Behavioral Modulation

10:20–10:40 Coffee Break

10:40–11:20 Cynthia Moss, Johns Hopkins University

Representing Space Through Sound

New Technologies for Neural Recording and Stimulation

Chair: Prof. Tim Gardner, BU Biology

11:20–12:00 Walter Voit, University of Texas at Dallas

Engineered Polymer Interfaces for Flexible (bio)electronics, 3D Printing and the Internet of Things

12:00–1:30 Lunch (off site)

1:30–2:10 Tracy Cui, University of Pittsburgh

Towards A Seamless and Stable Neural Tissue-Electrode Interface

2:10–2:50 Adam Cohen, Harvard University

Optical Electrophysiology with Microbial Rhodopsins

2:50–3:20 Coffee Break

Integrative Data Analysis in Neuroscience

Chair: Prof. Jay Bohland, BU Health Sciences

3:20–4:00 Peter Kochunov, University of Maryland

Imaging-genetics: Developing and Testing of Neuroimaging-Based Endophenotypes

4:00–4:40 Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, MRC, Cambridge

Deep Neural Net Visual Representation Resembles Inferior Temporal Cortex

4:40–5:20 Sergey Plis, The Mind Research Network, Albuquerque

A Carrot and a Stick to Motivate Data Fusion: Two Stories About EEG, MEG and fMRI Analysis

FRIDAY, 12 JUNE 2015

7:00–8:00 Check-in period

Action Perception Decision Loops

Chair: Prof. Jason Ritt, BU Biomedical Engineering

8:00–8:40 Tony Prescott, The University of Sheffield

Active Touch Sensing in Animals and Robots

8:40–9:20 Josh Tenenbaum, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Game Engine in Your Head: Modeling Common-sense Scene Understanding Using Probabilistic Programs

9:20–10:00 Lee Miller, Northwestern University

Development of an Afferent Neural Interface Designed to Mimic Natural Proprioception

10:00–10:30 Coffee Break

Human Communication Control and Technology

Chair: Prof. Cara Stepp, BU Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

10:30–11:10 Maysam Ghovanloo, Georgia Institute of Technology

Brain-Tongue-Computer Interfacing

11:10–11:50 Dennis Barbour, Washington University in St. Louis

Scalable Software Solutions for Widespread Aural Rehabilitation

11:50–12:30 Lori Holt, Carnegie Mellon University

Learning Foreign Sounds in an Alien World

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